Summit Ridge Homeowner's Association Mt Airy, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

(updated 10/4/2022)

Q1: Where can I locate a copy of the community governing documents or Covenants?

A: The Summit Ridge community is governed by the Covenants of the association. These covenants do not supersede any city, county or state ordinances. In general, the covenants are guidelines for all homeowners in the community, primarily governing property appearance and upkeep to allow our community to present a more unified appearance. For example, the split rail wooden fences are allowed, but privacy fences or metal chain link fences are not allowed. For more complete information please see your copy of the covenants, or contact the Directors.

Q2: Does Summit Ridge have a community management company?

A: Yes. Our management company, Community Associations Management (CAM), handles many routine transactions such as homeowner resale packages, assessment fees or penalties, statements of HOA dues assessment, and architectural review request decision letters and violations. You can contact the community's representative directly: Ms. Cory Crawley; at 410-602-6898, extension 121; or via email at

Q3: What is the Architecture Review Process?

A: The Covenants require that certain improvements or exterior structural changes (sheds, fences, decks, etc) be approved by the Architectural Review Board (ARB) prior to the start of the project. This is in addition to any permits required by state, county or local authorities.

The homeowner is reponsible for all required Carroll County, Town of Mount Airy, or other permits prior to starting work. Please note that the HOA and ARB has no role in the permit process.

Once the request is received, it is reviewed by the members of the Architectural Review Board (ARB). This ARB consists of the three directors and four community homeowners who have volunteered their time. Members review the requests to ensure that they are in accordance with the covenants, and that common sense is applied.

After all members of the ARB review the request, the homeowner is notified via postal mail by a CAM management agent.

NOTE: According to our covenants, it can take up to 60 days to approve or disapprove a request. It has never taken 60 days to review a request, and usually takes less than a few weeks. However, please submit your requests well in advance. We are all volunteers, and sometimes things are not done as quickly as we desire, despite our best intentions.

If a request is denied, you are welcome to revise your project based on the explanation and resubmit the request.

Q4: How do I submit an Architectural Review Request?

A: Prior to beginning your project, please obtain a copy of the Architectural Request Submission Checklist, which includes full instructions on how to submit an Architectural Review Request.

Review the Covenants, as needed.

You may submit your request to the ARB via email or mail it to CAM. Attach any necessary forms and documentation, as noted in the Architectural Request Submission Checklist.

CAM mailing address:

Summit Ridge Homeowners Association
c/o Community Associations Management, Ms. Cory Crawley
3655A Old Court Road, Suite 15
Pikesvile, MD 21208   

Q5: What is the CAM Portal?

A: The CAM Portal is where you pay your HOA fees, but it is for much more than just paying your account online. The CAM Portal offers you the ability to see your account in real time, make your payments, access association documents, enter and track maintenance requests, as well as many other options.

It is recommended that you provide a current email address so the HOA Board or CAM can reach you quickly with any community information.

For assistance, contact Ms. Cory Crawley; at 410-602-6898, extension 121; or via email at or Joy Boone with CAM. You will need an account number or portal key. They can assist you with that.

Once your account is set up, you can access the CAM Portal from your internet browser. See the instruction sheet.

Q6: How do I see my account or pay my HOA fees?

A: See What is the CAM Portal? above.

Q7: Is there a community newsletter?

A: Currently, there is no community newsletter. However, periodically (mostly after HOA meetings) the Secretary will send any updates or information to homeowners who have an email address in the CAM Portal. Community emails will come from (Add this email to your contacts so it does not end up in the junk/spam folder.)

Q8: How do I obtain a copy of the covenants and resale package to provide to a buyer when I sell my home?

A: When you sell your house, it is required by law to provide a copy of the applicable documents for the community. Contact our management company, CAM, representative: Ms. Cory Crawley; at 410-602-6898, extension 121; or via email at

You may also mail your request:

Summit Ridge Homeowners Association
c/o Community Associations Management, Ms. Cory Crawley
3655A Old Court Road, Suite 15
Pikesvile, MD 21208